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The world is adding an extra 80 million people each year. The UN has estimated that the world would require over 30 percent more water between 2012 and 2030. The traditional approach to improve on freshwater availability would no longer be able to keep pace with a swelling population and the worse impact climate change that would be seen in these years.


According to estimates, 97.5 percent of the earth’s water is seawater and 2 per cent is in the form of ice, that leaves only 0.5 percent which is fresh water. The supply of desalinated water is possibly the only water resource that does not depend on climate patterns.


Desalination plants operate in more than 150 countries in the world, the key locations are, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, USA, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Cape Verde, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan, and Australia. Globally, there are more than 17,000 desalination plants working mostly in the locations mentioned above producing over 21.1 billion US gallons of potable water a day. More than 300 million of people around the world today rely on desalinated water for some or all their daily needs.


More than half of global installed capacity of desalination is in the Middle East. We have now supplied the majority of these plants with our Pumice Filtration Media for pre-treatment filtration prior to SWRO desalination.

Pumice Filtration Media

Pumice Filtration Media is used worldwide for water and wastewater purification, in both municipal applications and industrial processes. Pumice Filtration Media has a large pore volume and high surface area making it the perfect filtration media.


Our Pumice Media is suitable for both single and dual media filters and for filtration of both non-coagulated and coagulated water. Pumice Media is a proven alternative to traditional anthracite, sand and filtralite media.


Using our Pumice Media as a mono media in RGF or Pressure Filters (replacing dual media of anthracite and sand) has been proven to lower head loss and improve the filtrate quality. Due to the low density of our Pumice Filtration Media the backwash pressure and water volume can then be significantly reduced.


Plants using our Pumice Filtration Media run at rates between 5m/h and 25m/h and have experienced increased run times between backwashing.

Techfil Wins SWRO Contract

Techfil has successfully won the contract to provide Pumice Filtration Media for a Large seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) Plant in the Oman. Pumice filtration media is increasingly being specified for contracts involving pre-treatment prior to reverse osmosis (RO), in both new and refurbished plants particularly in the Middle East. This is due to its extremely high particulate removal, low density and its versatility; it can be used in mono and multi-media filters in both pressure and rapid gravity filter designs.
Pumice Filtration Media

All our pumice filtration media has British Standard approval (BS EN 12906-1999) – Products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption’, European Standard approval (EN 12901/ 12902:1999) and UK Drinking Water Inspectorate approval.

Production capacity for Pumice Filtration Media Increased

We are currently increasing the production capacity for our Pumice Filtration Media due to high demand for these Pumice based products. The first half of 2014 saw a 30% increase in Pumice use internationally in pretreatment prior to Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) and desalinisation. Hence we have had to increase production of pumice media to keep up with demand. Pumice Filtration Media is now seen as a direct replacement for more traditional filter media, due to its low density and long filter run times.  Pumice Filtration Media can be used in either mono or dual media filtration systems.

SWRO Pre-Treatment, Pumice Filtration Media No.6, UAE

Further to our recent successes in pre-treatment prior to seawater reverse osmosis, we have been awarded the contract to supply Pumice Filtration Media for another phase of a large SWRO desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates. Pumice Media was selected over anthracite due to its long filter run times and low comparative cost. Desalinisation

Desalination Plant – Pumice Media - Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to announce the successful shipment of 230m3 of Pumice Filtration Media to Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Our client has installed our Pumice as part of the next phase of a large desalination plant near Al Jubail Industrial City. Pumice Media has a low-density, multi-faceted, angular structure that traps and holds impurities. It is chemically inert, inorganic and has a very long filtration media lifespan. Its versatility allows for use in single or multi-media filters and in both pressure and rapid-gravity filter designs.

Pumice Filtration Media in Desalination

We have successfully completed the supply of 250m3 of Pumice Filtration Media to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The client specified Pumice Filtration Media for technical reasons including extended filter run times and reduced backwash costs due to its lower density.

Pumice Filtration Media

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